Our Story

Ending the world water crisis — one flush at a time

MIFEM® was invented out of my personal hardship of trying to save water when our supply in Mexico City was suspended for three weeks due to a broken pipeline. The idea sparked when I realized that we wasted the most water when using the toilet, and to get rid of urine doesn't really require a flush.

MIFEM®'s first prototype was made of a bottle and a hose. Since then, its design has evolved and has been improved over time and is now ready for everyone. My pure intention has been to save water. It has helped me with my personal water crisis, I hope it will do the same with the world water crisis.

Marco Bravo
Inventor & Founder

On a mission

We believe an honest and simple invention can go a long way. We've made MIFEM® to be functional, cost-effective, and affordable so that everyone can benefit from it. Not only does MIFEM® help you save water and money at the same time, but also allows you to contribute towards ending the world water crisis - one flush at a time.