what is mifem®?

Say hello to MIFEM®

MIFEM® is no-flush urinals that you can simply mount to your toilet bowls to save water and cut the cost of water by 60%*.

* Saving calculation is based on a sample water consumption analysis of a facility with 100 toilets.

All standard toilets can be extended to also become waterless urinals at just a fraction of a cost.

MIFEM® is a great cost saving solution for facilities like shopping malls, hotels, public restrooms, big offices, and complexes.

Save money with MIFEM®

By using MIFEM®, a restroom can save as much as 60% of the prior water use.
  When you reduce your water consumption, you reduce your water/ sewer bills.

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Hassle-free installation & easy to use

Installing MIFEM® is as simple as attaching a toilet seat to a toilet bowl. Use it like how you would usually use a toilet when you pee, except this time you skip flushing.

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Almost zero-cost maintenance

MIFEM® is designed to become the most cost effective no-flush urinal in the market and the least expensive to operate. With no inventory parts to keep, maintenance is certainly a no-cost.

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Save money with MIFEM®

Save water to save money

When you stop flushing toilet, you stop flushing cash.  
As water and sewer fees are constantly rising, MIFEM® no-flush urinals become ever more efficient.

Hassle-free installation & easy to use

Hassle-free installation & easy to use

Installing a MIFEM® requires no plumbing expertise. It is as easy as replacing a toilet seat.  

MIFEM® is designed to reduce flushing by segregating your toilet use from liquid to solid excrement.

The first layer has a built-in bowl for urination, and this is the key to save 80% of your daily toilet water usage. This bowl is connected to a nozzle for the urine to flow through a tube directly to the drain. In this case, a light rinsing would suffice to push the waste and clean the bowl. Thus, eliminating the need to flush whenever you need to pee.

For pooping, simply lift the first seat to do your business as usual.

almost Zero-cost maintenance

More savings on maintenance

MIFEM® reduces the need for toilet repairs as a result of less flushing.

When compared to the upkeep of flushing urinals; MIFEM® no-flush urinals totally eliminate the cost of flush valve repairs, waste line cleanouts, blockages, overuse of water, overflows, and water leaks.

Did you know?
Flushing the toilet may fling coronavirus aerosols all over. Turbulence from a toilet bowl can create a large plume that is potentially infectious to a bathroom’s next visitor.
The New York Times
Urine is sterile because it contains no living organisms. There are less bacteria in urine than in tap water. It is actually pretty toxin free as well, but does contain plenty of waste products and some salts.
The Guardian
Dual-flush toilets are wasting more water than they save due to frequent leaks and users being confused by the flush buttons. Between 5 and 8 percent of UK toilets are leaking and most are dual-flush models.
The Daily Mail UK