Our retrofit no-flush urinals

What makes MIFEM® odorless?

1. MIFEM® is conformed to the classic toilet design that incorporates an "S", "U", "J", or "P" shaped bend called a trap that causes water to collect in the toilet bowl to hold the waste and act as a seal against noxious gases.

2. A device that functions like a one-way gate that opens when it is pushed by urine flow, and closes immediately after the waste has stopped flowing through it.

3. A deodorant compartment to store naphthalene balls.

How do I clean MIFEM®?

MIFEM® is purposely designed to help you save water. Just a light rinsing (very small amount of water) would suffice every time you're done peeing.

For periodic maintenance; you can clean the urinal just like how you would clean a standard toilet.

Does the urinal interfere with pooping?

It does not meant to be. MIFEM® has been thoughtfully designed to make switching between peeing and pooping easier while still serving its main purpose; which is to help you save water. It is designed to conform to the correct way of sitting position for pooping, which is 35° posture.

Doctors and scientists have long argued that when we sit on the toilet, our bodies are turned into what’s known as the anorectal angle. In 90° posture, our rectums get “kinked,” making it difficult for us to poop.

Sitting in 35° posture helps relax the puborectalis muscle and takes out that kink, allowing us to properly eliminate all of our waste without straining. This method also helps us keep haemorrhoids and urinary tract infections from developing because we’re not straining. Are you sitting right?

Do I need a professional plumbing service to install MIFEM®?

No. MIFEM® is very DIY. It is as easy as installing a toilet seat.

Our impact

What is MIFEM®'s approach to making an impact?

Nearly one billion people lack access to safe and clean water. We want to do our part and collaborate with organizations that are tirelessly working to end the world water crisis. We believe our simple and honest invention is capable of contributing towards achieving the common goal.

Please get in touch with us to talk about any possible collaboration or speaking engagement. We're all ears.

Our brand

What does MIFEM® mean?

MIFEM® is a blend of two Spanish words; "MIngitorio" which means urinal and "FEMenino" which means female. The product was initially intended to be the world's first urinal for women, but has now evolved to cater for all.

Who is behind MIFEM®?

MIFEM® is an innovative water saving device created by co-inventor/founder Marco Bravo and distributed by Hong Kong based company, LFS Life Future Sanitary Ltd.

Ordering MIFEM®

To which countries does MIFEM® ship?

We ship worldwide.

Do you offer a discount for bulk purchase?

For enquiries on special project or bulk discount; please get in touch with our sales team at support@mifemnoflush.com.

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